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Encyclopaedia of Historical Statistics and Information

Welcome to the Encyclopaedia of Historical Statistics and Information

This wiki is intended to specialize in information and statistics on almost every useful topic relating to the world and the way it runs, focusing specifically on the world from 1836 onwards, but catching other era's also.


The thought process behind the creation of this encyclopaedia lies in the game that a few of us are setting up, a role play game set in the 1800's and onward, a grand strategy game of sorts. As this type of endeavour requires a fair amount of research, much more than Wikipedia itself can offer, the idea was hit upon to start our own wiki where we could post portions of books and other websites with the intent to go into great detail and supply many facts and statistics.

The large majority of the statistics will undoubtedly be centered upon the years 1836 and onward, but other eras may make an appearance.


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