Belgium is governed by a constitutional monarchy, under a dynasty freely elected by the constiuents of the nation. Its independence was first proclaimed, in an absolute manner, by a provisional government, on the 4 of Oct., 1830, and on the 18 of the following Nov., it was again proclaimed by the national congress. By the terms of the treaty of the 15 of Nov., 1831, Belgium forms a state perpetually neuter with regard to all other states. 
The Belgian constitution, decreed by the national congress on the 7 of Feb., 1831, places all governmental power in the nation, operating by means of representative system. It establishes individual liberty, the inviolability of every man's house and property, the perfect liberty and independence of religious worship and opinions, the right of assembling and associating, the liberty of the press, the liberty of teaching, ministerial responsibility, and the independence of the judicial power. In short, the whole system of government is based upon the broadest principles of rational freedom and liberality. The entire draft of the constitution is too long for insertation in this place, but the following particulars


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