Navy Edit

The Austrian navy is said to consist of eight ship of the line laid up in ordinary at Venice, eight frigates, four corvettes, six brigs, and seven schooners or galliots, besides guardships and revenue cruisers: only the smaller vessels however, are at sea. The flag is red with a white stripe.

The marines consist of one battalion of infantry, a corps of marine artillery, and a corps of marine engineers. The arsenal is at Venice, where there is a marine college for cadets. The dockyard at Venice consists of thirty-two covered stocks for building ship of the line, fifty-four for vessels of smaller size, four large wet docks, five cannon foundries, with a covered rope-walk 910 ft. long, 70 ft. broad, and 32 ft. high. The uniform of the navy is dark blue, with light blue facings, and white breeches; that of the marines is light blue with red facings. Naval matters are directed by a branch of the war-office at Vienna.

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