Ships, Cost and other Statistics Edit

Ship Type Ship Type of Machinery HP Cost Year
Battleship HMS Dreadnought Steam Turbines 22,500 SHP, 4 shafts £319,000[1] 1906
Battleship HMS Duncan Triple Expansion 18,000 IHP, 2 shafts £155,000[2] 1901
Battleship HMS Canopus Triple Expansion 15,400 IHP, 2 shafts £123,000[2] 1899
Battleship HMS Formidable Triple Expansion 15,500 IHP, 2 shafts £135,000[2] 1898
Cruiser HMS Shannon
Ironclad HMS Warrior Single Expansion 1,250 HP, 1 shaft £17,000[2] 1860

  1. Battleship Dreadnought, Anatomy of the Ship, J. Roberts
  2. Warrior to Dreadnought, DK Brown

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